Venus and Sun meet In Leo

Venus and Sun meet In Leo

Venus and the Sun meet at 22° Leo 49’; I call this the New Venus. The last time the meeting happened at this degree was 251 years ago; and we have to wait 251 years before it happens again. Venus works her magic with the precision of a metronome. We see the Sun conjunct Venus in astrological calendars and think… Read more →

Venus Story 2015

Venus Story 2015

Venus Story 2015 Venus cycles (more about the cycles) allow us to get in touch with our intimate desires—not merely in terms of relationship—but also about what we wish to have, do and achieve in the course of our lives in order to feel fulfilled and in harmony with our soul. The Venus cycle, as it weaves in and out… Read more →

Horoscopes for Saturn in Sagittarius

Horoscopes for Saturn in Sagittarius

Life is cyclical, yet no moment ever repeats identical—each moment is unique. Similarly each one of us is unique, no two identical. We do share traits and experiences, yet our recollection of these also differs. Astrologically speaking, we look at commonalities, traits we share and where we differ. We may have some very archetypal (or stereotypical) characteristics, or we may… Read more →

Learn Astrology

Learning the language of Astrology From the symbols to rudimentary delineation The next ABC Course begins in March 25, 2015, it is divided into two 10-week semesters. Where: Online platform (You need internet access, a computer, tablet* or smart phone*) Video of each session available viewing When: March 25 –May 27, 2015 Ten 75-minute Wednesday Evening sessions 6:15-7:30 PM PT (9:15-10:30 ET)… Read more →

Watching the Moon

For many Moons now I have been listing the Moon Void of Course periods on my website. Creating these listings to line up with html and making sure that the times were correct and that the names of the planets were listed in full was a time consuming task. language translator . For several years now I have printed an… Read more →

April 9, 2015 Talk at the Guild

The quest to understand the deeper purpose of our existence can be elusive. There are questions without answers; we’ll never know. However, the astrological chart provides numerous clues and insights; indeed everything in it is a hint. I will be presenting a talk at the Guild on April 9, 2015; the doors open at 7 PM and the presentation begins… Read more →

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Every Leo whether they think much of astrology or not knows they are a Leo Sun! Astrologically speaking, Leo is the home of the Sun. When a planet is in its own sign it seeks no guidance from the other planets. In this case we are also talking about the one star in our solar system and at the centre… Read more →


Jupiter in Leo

In astrology, Jupiter is the greater benefic, whatever it ‘touches’ expands and grows. People with a prominent Jupiter are ‘larger than life’—not just jovial but even physically taller, bigger. Jupiter represents the expansion principle, promotion and the strength of our convictions. It can also be the one influence that we pin our ‘hopes’ on. The repeat pattern with Jupiter is… Read more →

Sun and Horoscopes

Writing the weekly horoscope tweets and condensing the message to a finite number of characters while finding the essence of the week. Since June 7, we have had ample time to change our minds, rethink our course of actions and/or our attitude in order to see if it is still in alignment with what we would like life to be. On Canada… Read more →

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Cancer and the Solstice

Summer arrives with the Solstice, at which time the Sun has reached its highest Northern Declination.  The Sun stands still at its highest declination for about six days, and begins its motion in a new direction–the days begin to grow shorter. (Yes it would be Winter in the Southern hemisphere, and the days there begin to grow longer.) The Season… Read more →